Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Cordova

Savor Tradition at Osaka's Table

Welcome to Osaka Japanese Cuisine, a beloved culinary haven where tradition is celebrated with every dish. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors that define our journey of resilience and gratitude. At our Cordova location, experience the rich tapestry of our story as you savor each exquisite bite, crafted with passion and precision. From our humble beginnings to our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, discover the essence of Osaka right here in Cordova, Tennessee.

Our Remarkable Journey

In 2004, driven by our deep-rooted reverence for our history, we inaugurated Osaka Japanese Cuisine. The moniker “Osaka” pays tribute to the providential encounter with a Norwegian fishing vessel bound for the bustling port of Osaka, as well as to the enduring generosity of the remarkable host family who provided refuge in our hour of need. From its modest inception in Cordova, Tennessee, Osaka has flourished into a cherished culinary landmark, epitomizing the unwavering commitment and fervor of our team.

Honoring Our Past

In 2004, driven by our vision to honor our past and share the flavors of our journey, we unveiled Osaka Japanese Cuisine in Cordova, Tennessee. The name “Osaka” pays homage to the fortuitous encounter with a Norwegian fishing vessel bound for the bustling port, as well as to the enduring spirit of the incredible host family who offered refuge in our time of need.

From its modest beginnings, this location has stood as a testament to the dedication and passion of our team. Each dish served here reflects our commitment to excellence and our deep appreciation for the culinary traditions of Japan that inspire us.

Commitment to Quality

At Osaka in Cordova, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional dining experiences that exceed expectations. We meticulously source the freshest ingredients from local markets and select the finest seafood from around the globe. Our unwavering commitment to quality shines through in every dish we serve, ensuring a truly memorable culinary journey. Unlike many restaurants, we prioritize authenticity and flavor. For example: we only use real butter instead of cheaper alternatives like margarine or vegetable oil.

Step inside our Cordova location, and you’ll be greeted by an atmosphere of refined elegance and contemporary Japanese ambiance. Here, guests can enjoy the rare delight of Shabu Shabu, adding an extra layer of excitement to their dining experience.

Join Us for Culinary Excellence

Join us at Osaka in Cordova, where culinary excellence is our pride and joy. Renowned as the top sushi destination in the area, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring that every dining experience surpasses expectations. Additionally, indulge in the unique experience of Shabu Shabu, adding an extra layer of excitement to your culinary journey.

Whether you’re eager to explore the vibrant flavors of our conveyor belt sushi or indulge in the delightful carousel of flavors with our made-to-order options, each bite at Osaka promises an extraordinary culinary adventure. We extend a warm invitation to join us at Osaka Japanese Cuisine in Cordova, where every meal is a heartfelt celebration of resilience, gratitude, and the timeless allure of tradition.